Who We Are

Michigan Drug Discovery is a university-spanning collaboration to find, fund and mentor drug discovery projects originating from faculty research across a sweeping range of disease areas:

  • bacterial and viral infections
  • cardiovascular disease
  • inflammatory disorders
  • oncology
  • ophthalmologic disease
  • metabolic disorders
  • neurodegeneration
  • psychiatric disorders
  • and many more

We support U-M investigators' vast experience in areas of unmet medical needs with complementary expertise and technology in drug discovery — from target validation to clinical trials.

We provide guidance, strategy and coordination of the university's full drug discovery resources through an executive committee representing scientific, medical and commercialization stakeholders across the breadth of U-M.

What We Offer

  • Experienced guidance and mentorship through all stages of drug discovery and commercialization
  • A one-stop entry point to university resources including:
    • internal funding
    • assay development
    • high-throughput screening
    • medicinal chemistry
    • pharmacokinetics
    • assistance in securing intellectual property
    • guidance through the investigational new drug application process
    • development of clinical trials
  • Connections to external partnership opportunities
  • Events and training for the growing academic drug discovery community at U-M

Early-Stage Drug Discovery Grants

Michigan Drug Discovery also provides early-stage grants for projects to access U-M's high-throughput screening, structural biology, medicinal chemistry and pharmacokinetics cores.

Originally established as the Center for the Discovery of New Medicines in 2012, our effort alone has invested about $2 million in nearly 60 therapeutic projects. These, in turn, have gone on to secure more than $17 million in federal grants and other support. Several projects have received patent protection or have been licensed by a commercial partner.

And we're just one of many internal funding sources for drug discovery projects across the university.

Campus Sponsors

Michigan Drug Discovery is jointly funded by the following U-M partners:

  • College of Pharmacy
  • Department of Internal Medicine
  • Department of Pathology
  • Life Sciences Institute
  • Medical School Endowment for the Basic Sciences 
  • Office of the Provost 
  • Rogel Cancer Center
The University of Michigan is a research powerhouse and a transformative ecosystem for academic drug discovery.