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Funding Opportunities

Michigan Drug Discovery seeks to support drug discovery projects at the University of Michigan by offering advice and pilot grant funding. Michigan Drug Discovery staff coordindate closely with research cores that focus on screening (Center for Chemical Genomics), Natural Products Discovery, Structural Biology, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics, to advance protects through hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization. We also help to connect faculty with additional internal and external resources to support their projects.

Reach out with questions: we are available to help you figure out the best way to advance your drug discovery project!

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Michigan Drug Discovery Project Grant Program is not accepting any proposals at this time.

Please check back for our next round of funding.

Michigan Drug Discovery Project Grant

Up to $100,000/year for up to two years for collaborative drug discovery research

Michigan Drug Discovery Project Grants are designed to help researchers navigate the challenges between identifying new biologically active compounds and developing them into clinical candidates. They provide a bridge to significant external grant funding and investments.

The Project Grants will advance projects for which compounds active against the intended biological target have been already identified, as well as projects that can benefit from the combined expertise and capabilities of multiple drug discovery experts.

U-M researchers working across all therapeutic areas are eligible for a project grant. Funded projects will be conducted in partnership with Michigan Drug Discovery. Project teams that have already successfully completed a Michigan Drug Discovery supported screening campaign are encouraged to apply for Project Grants. However, prior support through Michigan Drug Discovery is not a prerequisite.

Michigan Drug Discovery Screening Grant

Collaborative high-throughput screening for drug discovery project

Small molecules:  up to $75,000 for use within 12 months
Natural products: up to $100,000 for use within 24 months

DNA-encoded libraries: up to $100,000 for use within 24 months

The Michigan Drug Discovery Screening Grants include both funding and scientific support for high-throughput screening of small molecules, DNA-encoded libraries, or natural product extracts with the goal of identifying chemical matter for modulating novel therapeutic targets. At the end of the grant, researchers should have identified and confirmed a set of high-quality hit compounds with the potential to be further developed into tool compounds and therapeutic agents.

To be eligible for funding, the proposal must present a clear statement of the scientific hypothesis to be tested, supported by strong target validation or phenotypic data. A prerequisite for funding is a validated screening assay requiring minimal optimization, e.g., translation from 96-well to 384-well format.

Immunoferment assay microplate with coloured liquid (immunoferment reaction product) in it.
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The Michigan Drug Discovery Screening Grant Program is not accepting proposals at this time.


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