Michigan Drug Discovery Early-Stage Grants

Twice per year, the Michigan Drug Discovery provides grant awards of up to $75,000 each for drug discovery research in all therapeutic areas. 

Preference will be given to studies on novel drug targets with a clear medical need and commercial viability.

The expectation is that most of the awarded funds will be used in the following U-M core laboratories to accelerate the discovery process:

Up to $5,000 of award can be used for work and supplies outside of the pre-approved cores.

Apply for funding

If you are interested in having a pre-submission meeting with us, please complete the form using the link below. The pre-submission meeting can be used to discuss your research, refine your project plan, and tailor your specific aims.

Pre-submission meeting 


If you have already completed a pre-submission meeting for the Winter 2020 funding cycle, you can access the application

Michigan Drug Discovery Early-Stage Grant Application