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Michigan: A Transformative Ecosystem for Discovery

The University of Michigan is a research powerhouse.

We're the top-ranked public research university for research volume, according to the National Science Foundation, with $1.55 billion in annual expenditures.

And we rank No. 3 in the nation for National Institutes of Health grants — with more than 1,200 grants totaling more than $547 million in 2018.

Moreover, the university is overseeing more than $400 million in new investments in biosciences research, which includes President Mark Schlissel's $150 million Biosciences Initiative and the transformational $150 million gift to the U-M Cancer Center by Richard and Susan Rogel.

It's an exciting time to pursue drug discovery projects at Michigan.

"Few, if any, other institutions can match our scale and breadth in the biosciences."

— U-M President Mark Schlissel

A National Leader in Academic Drug Discovery

A recent historical analysis of more than 1,450 FDA-approved new molecular entities (NMEs) found U-M was the "largest single contributor" among academic institutions.

  • 20 — University of Michigan
  • 19 — National Institutes of Health
  • 19 — University of Wisconsin
  • 18 — Harvard University
  • 16 — Columbia University
  • 12 — Johns Hopkins University
  • 11 — Yale University
  • 11 — University of Berlin
  • 8 — University of California, Los Angeles

Source: "An analysis of original research contributions toward FDA-approved drugs," Drug Discovery Today

Record-Setting Partnerships

Meanwhile, the entrepreneurial spirit at U-M is stronger than ever.

Last year, industry sponsorship at Michigan grew by 14 percent, to a record high of more than $106 million.

And the investment in research at U-M often leads to ideas with potential in the marketplace. U-M researchers reported 484 new inventions last year — the sixth straight year with more than 400 — and 169 U.S. patents were issued.

The Office of Technology Transfer also signed a record 218 license and option agreements with companies seeking to commercialize U-M discoveries. In addition, U-M’s Tech Transfer Venture Center launched 21 startups based on technology developed at U-M, our best year ever.

Join us in creating the future of drug discovery.